The Independence Chair is an in-home exercise chair designed to:
• Build upper and lower body strength
• Increase stability
• Help prevent falls
• Aid in sitting and standing
• Improve awareness of center of gravity
• Assist in easier transfers from a chair, bed, car, sofa etc.

The Independence Chair was developed years ago for our company presidents’ mother-in-law. After a stay in the hospital due to suffering a fall, she was sent home but was still unable to get up out of a chair. She was too weak in the legs to sit and stand on her own. After using an early version of the chair, she developed strength in her legs and no longer needed the help of her children every time she needed to get up and out of a chair.
The Independence Chair is manufactured by Endorphin Corporation. Endorphin has been in business for over 20 years and manufactures their product line in Pinellas Park, FL.
A medical version of the Independence Chair is currently being sold to rehab facilities, hospitals and long term care facilities, with great success. It is used in senior activity centers and fitness rooms. It is an exercise device that can benefit everyone.