IconoClassic Opera will bring innovative, truthful and exciting opera to a new audience. Our company marries the traditional with the modern to breathe a new life into classical opera.

Opera, at its best, has the ability to communicate emotions at their most extreme and primal intensities. The saying goes “When the emotion becomes too strong for speech, you sing”. Operatic singing has the most intensity, power and range of any genre. When the technique of operatic singing combines with truthful heartfelt acting it will transform it’s audience to a place of sheer emotion.

Iconoclassic brings together talented young classical singers, with creative theater directors and design teams to find the perfect balance of classical technique, powerful acting and innovative theatrical concepts.

Iconoclassic opera is dedicated to performing opera in an intimate setting. Our company wants the audience to have a close relationship to the performers and the singers. Audience members feel immersed in a wave of sound surrounding and enveloping them throughout the performance.