Based in Annapolis, Maryland and founded in 2012, incentive HR specializes in delivering insightful and innovative  resources to businesses for development of their compensation plans.  Our consultants have over 20 years experience in the industry.   We are always watching trends and constantly innovating. We have proprietary software used to develop and test plans that include actual client P&L reports.  Using our expertise, we have implemented  plans to over 61,000 employees.
    Businesses that are experiencing lower than expected profit margins, high-turnover of top producers, difficulty recruiting stellar candidates for business development and/or low morale should reconsider  their compensation plans.
     incentive HR helps businesses and their key employees by using a collaborative approach to compensation design.   Management and business developments goals are aligned with the plans defining clear goals.  Profit margins are calculated into the process and sales representatives are included in surveys, focus groups and drafting of the plans.  Typically, our service pays for itself in the first year due to increased revenues, sales force retention rates averaging at 97% and most clients seeing  3x's more profit than their competitors.  
    Clients can expect our consultants to help them achieve "true pay for performance, competitive advantage, and a framework that is transferable and sustainable in any economic market.  Sales team members can expect to have have their opinions heard, get credit for their performance and have uncapped income potential. Operationally,  we use value stream mapping to assist clients in reducing time to market, resources and space to meet and or exceed expectations.  From a financial perspective, expenses are identified, leveraged and reviewed for areas of improvement.
  Industries served include, real estate, auto dealerships, hospitality, health care and finance though the plans can be customized for any company size, growth stage and industry. Please contact us to find out more.
Website: www.incentiveHR.com
Email: info@incentiveHR.com
Phone: (410)798-9281