A virtual community of and for small business owners where they can connect, exchange ideas and grow through training and mentoring. Incergy is an aggressive undertaking designed to make its members more successful in their professional & personal lives.

Incergy’s mission is to provide the very best support mechanisms for business people, at the most economically feasible cost – always. Community is at the core of our value proposition. Through engagement, continued refinement, and dedication to our member community, Incergy offers a unique opportunity; accordingly, we commit to share a portion of Incergy profits with charities that can benefit the communities in which our members live.

Incergy is and will continue to be a community-based platform where members choose the services and resources they most critically need. Our two current programs came out of research from our current and potential members.

Incergy is currently establishing partnerships which will prove invaluable to the professional community. We are determined to provide the most complete and up-to-date platform for B2B digital collaboration.

Incergy is geared for the SME and entrepreneur in need of enterprise class meeting technologies and know-how. We are developing other “niche specific” versions for various professionals such as doctors, CPA’s, and attorneys. As business needs change we will change with the demand.