Vancouver, BC - infocc.com is pleased to announce the release of Visual Site Search, a plugin that maximizes reader engagement, conversions and mobile usability for WordPress-powered websites.

-> LIVE DEMO: http://www.infocc.com/demo-page <-

How does it work?

- You manually or automatically select high-value keywords based on your industry, audience, online strategy etc.
- Visual Site Search interconnects related pages that contain similar keywords
- Visitors hover over or tap highlighted in-text keywords as they read your content
- A “search bubble” appears that shows 3 suggestions of related content
- Readers click their preferred topic and keep exploring the site further

Visual Site Search is optimized for desktop as well as mobiles and tablets. It makes the navigation seamless, intuitive and user-friendly. Visit www.infocc.com/demo-page/ to see it live

What does it improve?

1. Pageviews and time-on-site: “Search Bubbles” help users navigate to additional pages that match their OWN keyword of interests and increase their time-on-site by up to 700%.
2. Conversions: more pageviews increases the opportunity for ad clicks, downloads, newsletter subscriptions and sales (in the eCommerce version of the plugin).
3. Content accessibility: promote the newest & most profitable content of your Wordpress site, make your key pages easily stand-out to your readers and avoid content decay.
4. User experience: make your website easily navigable and super mobile-friendly for an optimized user experience.

What add-ons do subscribers get?

- Extensive database of keywords
- Easy setup, low maintenance
- 24/7 customer & technical support
- Set of integrated analytics
- Plugin settings and style customization

Visit infocc.com for more information about Visual Site Search and to see how real subscribers use it on their site. Don't hesitate to follow us on Facebook (infocc.plugins), Twitter (@infocc_official), LinkedIn (infocc) and email me (josephine@infocc.com).

About infocc
infocc.com is a Vancouver-based company that develops digitals tools for websites, which aim at engaging readers and maximizing returns in a user-friendly and cost-effective way.

“infocc will deliver a host of user engagement benefits, making sure that your audience stays on your site longer, and takes more actions.” - John Rampton, writer for Huffington Post

“With infocc, you can easily manage the content and the links on your site and know exactly what experience your visitors will have.” - Technorati.com