Founded in January 2007, we work with business owners and marketing executives that are frustrated with the results generated by their business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts.

Our mission is to accelerate your sales growth and strengthen your industry thought leadership with our B2B Ignite Program, which couples both strategic marketing planning and marketing managed services. B2B Ignite typically pays for itself in the first 9-18 months, with an ROI over 300% in the first 2-3 years, which is generated by aligning your sales and marketing teams, increasing lead generation and converting more leads into sales.

B2B Ignite covers all Four Ps of Marketing that drive the Fifth P: Profit – other marketing companies only focus on marketing communications while ignoring product management, channel marketing and value-based pricing, and they usually operate on a piecemeal basis, generating piecemeal results.

Our clients see value in taking a strategic and holistic B2B marketing approach, understanding that marketing results come from an open and collaborative effort, and value Innovaxis being a strategic partner instead of a vendor.

Request a marketing audit today. We will identify your gaps and blind spots when compared with best practices, and new opportunities for accelerated growth.