Insipid Magazine is a new stlye magazine that is unique and fresh. It is a culmination of amazing photography and some very interesting pieces of writing on an array of life topics.

Travel, Surf, People, Places, books, Music, musicians, philosophy. It is broken down into several individual sections, A feature which ranges from a place or event or a person for example Oktoberfest Munich, a Top 5 which each week covers a new list, top 5 health tips, top 5 pubs on the east coast. Blacklisted which borders serious and satirical and bans a person or thing and puts it in the blacklist. Scribble on the Wall is a satirical look at society, very tonggue in cheek and entertaining, and Enlightened anarchy, is a philosophical look at life. Also includes in the pipeline, which highlights events, gigs coming up and bands to see. Other sections include quotes and books to check out. Amazing writing with some really cool photography and inspiring pics on every page.