Integrity Coaching offers a range of coaching services to help teachers and school leaders, and those who work in children and young people’s services, develop their leadership skill and expertise. “We are the market leaders in offering ILM vocational coaching qualifications for the education sector.”

Integrity Coaching offers a Coach Training Programme specifically for Academy leaders and teachers to assist them in the development of their academies and strategies to achieve excellence from both teachers and students.

A former head teacher herself and also, Director of Integrity Coaching, Viv Grant explains, “We understand that for Academy leaders and managers, often working in complex and demanding contexts that the above challenges are all too real. We are here to aid and support all those who want to raise standards and achieve the very best for their staff, pupils and the communities they serve.”

Integrity Coaching is the market leader in the design and delivery of a range of bespoke coaching services for BAME professionals.

If you are a Director, Head of HR, Diversity Strategy Manager or Head of Workforce development in a SME, large organisation or Local Authority and you want to:

•Be recognised as having a diversity positive approach to the recruitment and retention of BAME leaders and managers
•Be seen as an attractive place to work for BAME professionals
•Increase levels of recruitment and retention of BAME staff.

We also offer:

•INSET (In Service Training): Bespoke Coaching skills days for teams, departments, schools and federations
•Senior Leadership Team Coaching: Bespoke sessions designed to meet specific needs as identified by members of the team
•Supervision: 1:1 Coaching supervision for in-school coaches, who are looking for external supervision from trained coaches who are able to provide key support for what can be a very demanding role.