Interlude is an integrated media firm, dedicated to provide your company with a 360 degree brand development solution. Through our Events, Design, Media and Music divisions, we create experiential events, impactful designs, greater visibility and music that inspires for your brand.

What makes us better than other companies you ask? It's not what we do but how we do our work that gives us the edge. And yes that means that gives you, as our clients, the edge as well! We are passionate and thorough, perfectionists yet deadline driven, curious and love experimenting and most importantly young and wired! Irrespective of our designated departments, our USP is to come together and the results have been mind boggling in an “Oh my God, that is fantastic and absolute genius” way! We're all about bridging the gap between creative barriers giving you truly integrated solutions.
We debate, question, ignore your budgets and ask ourselves “What would we have done if that was our money?” We push ourselves, we have our differences of opinion to find the best possible solution for you, and rest assured - that always results in ecstatic clients. At Interlude, We bridge creativity with business.