"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well."
— Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com Founder

Unlocking the Door to Your Success Abroad

International Franchising Group, LLC is a consultancy of professionals with offices in both the United States and Moscow, Russia. Our multilingual principals speak English fluently, are Ivy League degreed and/or hold PhDs. Our principals have created and/or operated franchises internationally.

We are uniquely qualified to deliver success to you in our area of expertise—franchising, especially in the markets of Russia and Central/Eastern Europe. Solely international in scope, IFG provides guidance for businesses seeking to franchise into these untapped markets. IFG focuses on your expansion, from strategic planning and franchise law to documentation, marketing and sales, Internet-based applications and implementation of your franchise program abroad.

Our CEO, Victor Lattanzi is an international businessman with nearly 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, investment analysis, franchise business development, management, research and negotiation. An expert in Russian law, business practice and ethics in franchising, Lattanzi has built an outstanding track record of facilitating business transactions between different cultures.

Recently returned from Russia where he served as general director of DOKI International Realty, LLC, Lattanzi built the firm into the pre-eminent full service real estate agency franchise brand in Russia and Eastern Europe. His group established other progressive real estate service companies in Russia, including a discount real estate brokerage entity, a mortgage brokerage entity and a title company, all firsts of their kind in Russia.

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Lattanzi graduated from Harvard University, where he was All American first team lineman on the Harvard football team. His current domestic business interests are based in Massachusetts and Texas. He has held executive-level sales and marketing positions with Paine Webber, Inc., ERA Franchise Systems, Coldwell Banker, Prudential Realty and eRealty, among others.

IFG Services
Bundled or A La Carte

Opening Doors To A World Of Opportunities

• Franchise strategic planning
Successful expansion starts with a clearly defined plan. We begin with the basics, researching all aspects of a franchise strategic plan, including franchisee profile; required support services; competitive marketplace analysis; cost projections; cash flow sensitivity analysis with profit projections; and royalty structure.

• Legal analysis
The complexity of the legal environment in Central and Eastern European nations and in Russia requires expert analysis and on-site expertise in each country. The International Franchising Group utilizes local, independent counsel to assure the success of your franchising operation.

• Customized operational model
Our team of experts will assist in design and creation of all franchise sales and marketing materials, training manuals and collateral material, including translation, to assist in the successful implementation of your franchise launch.

• Lead generation plan
Step-by-step design of a customized strategy designed to maximize your resources and lock in key opportunities, including a defined budget, timetable and action plan, and implementation of e-brochures, websites, blogs and newsletters.

• Transition
From hiring and training local franchisor representatives to trade show, deal brokerage and negotiation services, ongoing regional marketing and public relations, e-marketing strategies, quality control, maintenance and auditing activities. The International Franchising Group facilitates the transition of your franchise business from concept to completion.

Franchise In Russia

Russia offers an exciting opportunity to grow your franchise model and top line revenue at an accelerated pace. High consumer demand for Western goods and services exist throughout Russia and the demand is underserved.

Significant rises in GDP, employment and average salaries, plus real estate ownership equity due to privatization, all pose a huge opportunity for companies who are able to navigate the fiscal, cultural and legislative waters of this region.

Moscow, alone, is home to 13 million consumers ready for the day-to-day goods and services which the West enjoys and often takes for granted. Franchisors who are now competing ferociously in saturated markets will find monopoly type conditions in all regions of Russia.