The Dance Zone was doing fusion classes LONG BEFORE shows like So You Think You Can Dance popularized them! In fact, most of the classes were actually created and launched in 2000 through the UT Informal classes program and then popularized on the award-winning TV show "SHUT UP & DANCE"! DZ opened in February 2003 with these cutting-edge twists on all your favorite conventional dance styles combining Jazz with Hip-hop and adding acrobatic moves, doing Ballet in bare feet with hair down and dancing to everything from Hip-hop to R&B and Rock. From Go-go aerobics to Stomp Down and Cardio Strip-hop DZ has been bringing you the best for 8 years!

The owner, Elizabeth Walter was the Artistic Director/CHoreographer for the Austin Ice Bats dance team the Batgirls 2003-2004 & 2004-2005 and the Austin Toros Capital City Dancers 2005-2006.


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