International Travel News has been an invaluable trip-planning aid for high-frequency travelers since 1976. Printed monthly in a black-and-white newsprint format, ITN is both a news source and communication medium for travelers to destinations outside the United States.

Covering everything from budget to luxury travel for everyone from independent adventurers to people who enjoy tours, each issue presents travelers’ experiences, candid evaluations and advice as well as timely travel news and information on such things as tours, flights and cruises. Each issue also includes a selection of columns on various travel subjects from a cadre of Contributing Editors.

Largely reader written, ITN prints letters and articles from its subscribers only. ITN readers look out for each other, warning of travel scams and tourist traps as well as sharing travel tips and recommendations of hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc.

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ITN is an independent magazine and has no corporate affiliation with any firm in the travel industry. Items in ITN do not necessarily represent the position or opinion of the magazine or its editors. An attempt is made to insure that all published items are accurate.