Inversant’s mission is to ensure that through parental engagement every low-to-moderate income family has the resources and understanding they need to achieve their goals for higher education.


Inversant believes that higher education is attainable for all regardless of income and that family engagement is crucial to students’ educational achievements.

Through working with communities and higher education partners, Inversant provides knowledge, resources, connections, and financial incentives to empower low-and-moderate-income families to invest and succeed in higher education.

Ultimately this shared investment and expanded understanding moves not just the child, not just the family, but the whole community, forward.



Inversant is a key player in the national children’s savings account movement that emphasizes the importance of early and regular savings for higher education. Our Inversant Savings Accounts and incentives give families a place to invest, and meaningful incentives to keep setting aside money for higher education.


Our groundbreaking multi-year curriculum of monthly Inversant Learning Circles gives parents the skills, knowledge, and confidence to support their children’s quest for higher education.

Our facilitator's coach parents on a full range of college access topics, including standardized testing, higher education options, and costs, and the college application process.

Inversant families increase their financial literacy so they understand how to minimize the amount they pay for college.


Inversant’s unique model provides the right level of support to each family, meeting them where they are in terms of location, language, experience level, and lifestyle. We create a community network of parents and encourage them to learn not only from us but from each other. We also engage with families through an online portal, video library, e-newsletter, and social media platforms.