IronYun is a US-based software company that produces leading AI video analytics, including People and Object Detection, Face Search and Recognition, Intrusion Detection, License Plate Recognition and People/Vehicle Tracking. Our high-accuracy, GDPR-friendly solution helps to save time in security operations by 98%, increasing efficiency and proactivity while protecting lives and privacy information. As a product of 15+ years of deep learning technology development, our system is optimized to easily scale from small businesses and organizations to city-wide projects for campus security, airport security, access control, traffic management, fire detection and weapon detection.
IronYun AI NVR® AI Video Analytics System is a plug-and-play turnkey solution with AI software and hardware. All functions support live stream and batch mode processing and GDPR-friendly privacy protection when desired. The functions can be used alone or in combinations for forensic analysis and real-time alerts. AI NVR® overcomes the challenges of many complex environments and is fully integrated with AI video analytics features for various markets.