Thought-provoking book challenging traditional beliefs and traditions / “It is Time”

“It is Time” is an EASY to read and PRACTICAL book. It examines and simplifies complex & often debated topics on beliefs & traditions, leading the reader to make their own conclusion based on the Holy Bible as the main point of reference.

March 2, 2012 – Marck E. Estemil is a budding new author who has taken on a heavy load of writing a book that challenges societal giants who have set standards for beliefs and traditions. His book “It is Time” is a recently released tittle that, if it garners the spotlight that it deserves, can make a dramatic shift in our perception of traditions that is taken for granted. “It is Time” is published under Xulon Press, the largest publisher of Christian books in North America, and its official release was on November 2011.

“It is Time” is relevant and timely in an age of much uncertainty and hesitation towards traditional beliefs. Readers of this book may find it surprising, and therapeutic that the book makes the case that their hesitation maybe warranted because traditional beliefs and traditions may not necessarily always hold Biblical support. In the end, in spite of the book’s challenge spirited undertone, the reader is left with a sense of empowerment and renewed faith.

Wrote one of the book’s readers; “A very informative book that will bless all who read it.” David White of Chattanooga, TN;

The retail value of “It is Time” is listed $20.99. “It is Time” is also available as an eBook on all major eReaders, including Kindle and Nook. You may also purchase “It is Time” at the following retailers;

1. BN.com

2. Amazon.com

3. Various online bookstores now offer “It is Time” nationally and even internationally.

About the Author:
Marck Estemil was born in Haiti and healthy, but eventually became very sick. Sickness caused his health to digress to the brink of death. His mother earnestly prayed for his wellbeing and made a promise to God that if he were to fully recover, that she’d instruct him to become a mouthpiece for His Word. Marck’s family eventually moved to the United States when he was 10 years old. His family lived in Stamford, CT and upon graduation from High School he attended the University of Connecticut earning a BFA, in 1999.

Marck always loved God and remembered his mother’s promise, but he did not feel that it was necessarily his calling to preach and teach His Word. He went against his mother’s council and became a professional designer working for globally recognized advertising companies in New York City. That is until several years ago when Marck felt impressed that the Lord Himself began calling him through some intense dreams and bizarre circumstances in his life. As a result of the calling, Marck, his wife, and three young children relocated to Huntsville, AL where he now resides and wrote his first book, “It is Time”.

For more information about “It is Time”, please visit www.itistimebook.com or email info@itistimebook.com


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