World Wide Gold Star Academics (WWGSA) works in cooperation with agencies and families throughout the world assisting international students with their objectives of academic achievement and the challenges of cultural immersion during their years of study in America. WWGSA is comprised of highly qualified staff with many years of experience both hosting and working with International students, as well as years of working as educators and mentors in the American education system. WWGSA combines academic programs in such areas as study skills, ESL programs, and academic training with a full guardianship support system to educate the whole child, not just the mind. This dynamic approach to educating International students is key to their success in adapting to American society, acquiring mastery level fluency in the English language, as well as gaining the confidence necessary to achieve their academic goals.
WWGSA President, Sharon Hoekstra, has created a wave of honesty, trust and loyalty for the past 4 years, in an otherwise skeptical international society. She has worked with children for over 25 years, has been committed to raising an amazing daughter for the past 18 years, dedicated to international students for over 4 years and has the honor of being given the name “International Mama” by children from around the world. She opens her mind to discover what these amazing children, families, schools and international relationships have to offer and it is fundamental to her personal success and continued fast-paced growth in the industry.
WWGSA offers local team leaders who provide 24/7 social and academic support, creating a sense of peace and security for our students, international parents, local host families and schools. WWGSA has shown the world that agencies, international parents, boarding schools, day schools, host families, and communities can work together to educate, and most important of all, support the whole child! WWGSA looks forward to building a strong foundation that will support our relationship well into the future with organizations, families, agencies and children throughout the world.