Wealth Masters is set up as a direct sales company. You buy in and then, you build your downline and receive a portion of sales from each of the people below you. This is all true; however, this is not the only place you profit. With WMI, you are now apart of a network of self-made millionaires, who have already succeeded in other businesses. You gain access to Kip Herriage’s portfolio and have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience via the leadership of this company. Each year, you have the opportunity to attend an m3 conference in an exotic location and learn about the latest financial investments and the latest health trends.

The company wants you to live your life to its fullest. It’s more than just money. The company wants you to be successful with your health and treat your body right. They want you thinking about exercise, sleep, food intake, etc. Spiritual health is important and feeding your spirit inside. The company wants you to be successful in relationships and balance all around.

While WMI encourages you to grow your business by selling its products, you’ll find that you use its products to obtain prosperity, health, and wealth, just as much as your clients do. I would say that this part of the company is equal to, if not outweighs the sales part of the job.