“[A] hotpoint where the novel is undergoing radical transformation to reflect its time.” – Michael Humphrey, Forbes

“Jaded Ibis Press is poised to become one of the most significant publishers in town.”  – Paul Constant, book critic for The Stranger

“Jaded Ibis Press is what I consider possibly the most creative, boldly imaginative press of them all" –Tantra Bensko, Speak Without Interruption

“[A]n incredibly innovative approach to publishing.”   – Big Other

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Jaded Ibis Productions and its imprint Jaded Ibis Press publishes fine and unusual books, CDs, art objects and related products. Our intent is to facilitate the convergence of diverse media and art forms, and give wide exposure to literary, visual and musical artists of exceptional talent.

Jaded Ibis Press publishes each book in four editions: ebook (under $10), black-and-white paper ($12-24), color paper ($30-80), and fine art limited editions ($2000-20,000). Each title includes visual art by a notable artist or artists and an audio track of music, spoken word or sound art. Fine art editions incorporate a variety of materials and conceptually reflect the content of the book.

Jaded Ibis Press pays our authors 40% net royalties, compared to the traditional 71/2-10%. We pay our visual artists 10% net royalties, and our musicians each share in the 50% net royalties from the CD. Jaded Ibis Productions produces the CD compilation of music created for the previous 10-12 titles.

The editors at Jaded Ibis Press are award-winning writers of innovative prose and poetry, dedicated to the continuing evolution of the literary arts, and to discovering and supporting new writers of 21st Century literature.  We have years of dedicated teaching experience and frequently lecture on literature, including 21st Century narrative forms, at universities and writing conferences throughout the country.
    • Debra Di Blasi also worked in advertising, magazine production management and art journalism, and holds a degree in visual art, in addition to studies in poetry and fiction.
    • Sam Witt graduated from The Iowa Writers’ Workshop and University of Virginia, and worked as a free-lance journalist in San Francisco for several years, publishing in such magazines as Computerworld, the San Francisco Chronicle, Salon and Wired.
Jaded Ibis Press uses digital and print-on-demand publishing because we care about the fate of the environment. Our business decisions are guided by an attempt to perpetuate literature that is intellectually, culturally and ecologically sustainable.