Janine is a freelance writer, blogger, social media advisor, speaker, and mentor, as well as the creator and writer behind the blog Reflections from a Redhead (http://reflectionsfromaredhead.com).

Janine is a published author in the bestselling book 'Heart to Heart - The Path to Wellness', alongside featured contributors Dr John Demartini and Bob Doyle, both featured in 'The Secret'. Pre-order now from http://janineripper.bigcartel.com.

Janine is a writer and the Editor in Chief for jummp (http://jummp.co). and a Featured Author for SPROUT MAGAZINE (http://sproutmag.com).

Janine is also a member of the beyondblue Speakers Bureau where she volunteers to speak at community events about beyondblue’s work and to share her personal story about depression and anxiety. She also speaks at community events to share her personal story about depression, anxiety, and her journey to wellness, to inspire others and help overcome the stigma associated with mental illness.