Jason Glenn has had a love for country music since he was a teenager, listening to George Strait, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery and the likes.  With his new EP to be released in 2014 called "Ups and Downs", Jason Glenn packs a punch to deliver his message to his audiences who have experienced the Ups and Downs of relationships, which he himself has in life experienced. His new single, "Bad Boy" which is on the EP album delivers a strong message to anyone who is tired of the BS of relationships and acts as a carefree attitude. Here is what random people are saying about his new single, "Bad Boy":

“this song reminds me of garth brooks. the person singing is very talented. the instrumental is played very well and it all fits in very well. i could see this song being sung along to in bars. really enjoyed listening to this and would listen to this again.”

“This song has a 'Kid Rock' feel so it, very country style yet i believe it may have success in the charts. The tune and incorporation of the piano work brilliantly together to form something very catchy. Vocals are easy to understand a very nice, i am very impressed.”

“Great song. Started off listening to it at a low level and couldnt help but turn my speakers up and jam to this track! I likehow it takes a fast paced take on country yet still keeps its country sound. I would definitely like to hear this song played
more often.”

“Very country sounding. The voice is appropriate. I like the break downs of the guitars. The chorus has great supporting
vocals. I like the piano solo, it reminds me of "sweet home Alabama". Very very good.”

“this is a real down home country song. the music that comes out of this piece really shows the strong vitality in this song. The instruemntals are very good, there exciting and vibrant. this singer brings a voice tat is really gritty and talented, his depth and personality give this song even a bigger boost.”

“The intro is hard hitting and punchy. It reminds me of a rocking Jason Aldean or Brad Paisly song, full of energy and high pitched accents. I like the country guitars as they are twangy but really clean and crisp. The bass is perfect as the pattern is complicated but not too high compared to the other insturments. I love the keyboard transition after the chorus as the notes are well played and clean. The drums are smashing and drive the song to powerful levels. The vocals are dynamic and raw with lots of talented notes. The singer is very creative and motivational. Overall the arrangement is perfect for a commercial song and follows the characteristics needed for a hit song. I love the passionate guitar solo and thoroughly enjoyed the modern edge this song brings to the table. The lyrics are also thought-provoking and expansive. The imagery of "Bad Boys" plays to the country audience which is smart.”

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