Jason Patrick Meyers is a Country and Blues music recording artist based in the Cleveland, Oh area.
Local music fans will recognize Jason as the soulful and charismatic front man from Redwater Rojo,
a local Cleveland blues-rock sensation.

Jason’s work with bands such as Redwater Rojo and American Swill have drawn attention to his earnest,
personal lyrics. Songs on Redwater Rojo’s two records have received airplay on radio stations in Cleveland,
Youngstown, and Buffalo. A Redwater Rojo fan approached Jason after a show and told him that she and
her husband used his song ‘What If’ for their first dance at their wedding. One listen to Jason’s lyrics in that
song and it’s easy to hear why. Listeners can purchase Jason’s work by searching iTunes for “Jason Patrick
Meyers” and learn more about him by visiting his website http://www.jasonpatrickmeyers.com/

Jason’s new direction is a departure from his rock history with its strong soulful country melodies, but big
blues guitar flashes, strong rock-flavored drum lines and earthy stories, retain key elements of his bluesy-rock
history. “It’s not that I’m changing my style, as much as pursuing developing and re-creating a sound,” says
Jason. “This collection has grown out of my personal musical influences,” including the likes of John Fogerty,
Robert Johnson and legendary Gospel group, The Fairfield Four. “I had these songs in my head, and had to
strike out on my own for awhile,” speaking of the break that Redwater Rojo has taken from performing.
“These songs have been developing in my head for a couple years now, and because they sounded so much
more country, I had to find the people to play them and get them recorded. Just because a song has a fiddle
in it doesn’t mean it’s not great!”

Jason was born into a musical family in Cleveland, OH. His mother, a piano teacher at the Cleveland Institute
of Music, and his father, a double bass player, raised Jason in a house full of songs. Jason started his own
musical journey on the piano at the age of two. While other kids played video games and watched MTV,
Jason would watch footage of Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk, and Charlie Parker as his father played along
on his double bass. He would follow his folks around the house with a toy guitar, providing a musical narrative
to their daily goings-on. Jason’s parents knew that, even at such an early age, he would become a
songwriter. Learn more about Jason by visiting his website at http://www.jasonpatrickmeyers.com/ Press
Inquiries welcome at pr@jasonpatrickmeyers.com and Booking at booking@jasonpatrickmeyers.com