My name is Jenny Medina, but my clients and friends have been known to call me Jenny _From The Bronx. Today I stand firm in the world as a strong Latina, a successful trauma-experienced life coach, and a proud self-sufficient mother of 5 amazing kids.
Years ago, this was not the case. This is because I grew up in the brutal foster care system of the Bronx, NY, a product of a mother who succumbed to a life of drugs and the streets and a “father” who was no more than a one-night stand. For 20 years, I let my grief of being abandoned by my biological parents tear away at my soul on a daily basis.
My pain led me to live life recklessly, hanging with the wrong crowds and having my first born at 15. Realizing that I needed to do better for myself and my kids, I thankfully began to turn my life around at age 21. I went back to school, earned an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and worked as a Family Case Manager for Child Protective Services before making the transition to coaching full time. Nearly a decade has passed since I started my journey of self-acceptance and improvement.
I describe myself as a trauma-experienced life coach because that is exactly who I am. My rock bottom provided the catalyst that brought me to my life’s purpose—to help build communities of people who learn to thrive by harnessing their pain and transforming it into powerful, actionable, and positive change.
If you have a dream of starting a business or achieving big goals but continually find yourself blocked by the same unhealthy habits and barriers, you are in the right place.