Throughout his career, John Hendry has helped his clients and employers define and deliver successful real estate projects of the highest quality.

He has practical, hands-on expertise in all aspects of the development process, from project visioning and design management to the construction and sale of commercial and residential buildings.

He has over 10 years experience working directly for two of North America’s largest private sector landowners and has been a successful consultant for public sector clients in the Britain and the USA.

He prides himself on being able to assemble and manage highly motivated consulting teams on behalf of his clients.

John Hendry offers;

   *  Land utilization strategies that identify higher, better and more profitable uses for owners.

   * Real estate concepts and programs based on rigorous market analysis and an appreciation of best practice in creating sustainable, authentic places.

   * Project management: from concept feasibility, through permitting, community engagement, zoning, development agreement, detailed design, engineering to construction and marketing.

John has proven success in leading, motivating and working with strong teams of development professionals including; architects, master planners, engineers, environmental scientists, construction managers, market researchers, sales teams and real estate economists.