I'm John and I'm a Life Coach. What I do is help my clients who are looking to move forward with their lives, their goals and literally wherever  they want to be or go. Within themselves and/or their career, business or even future business. In relationships or on their own I am there for them.

My coaching journey has a passion within me that sees my intent toward greatness for all my clients which invigorates them and in turn propels them forward in their lives and their goals. This shared passion is the spring board for a greater you. The feeling of achievement is then had by all concerned.

For years I was on a search for how I could make a difference in this world. My thoughts were overwhelmingly telling me "what can one person do?" After flowing in these thoughts I realized something had to change. And that something was me. I had a realization that one person can make a difference and that difference is realizing that the longest journey starts with the first step.

Then the quest began to find that first step. And to bring that step to the world and in doing so, changing the world. Showing the world that first step can empower anyone who wants to embrace that step and move forward along the journey that is theirs.

When I learnt to listen to my clients and realize my clients journey I became extremely exited. I began to cause change in directions that were awesome with a genuine desire for my clients to succeed. This desire has become my passion and my future in my coaching journey.

Today I feel very privileged to have my clients share their map with me and enjoy the steps that we take toward a greater future.

To try to share what a typical coaching session would be is different for every single individual that has one. Life's experience is always different and could be compared to a fingerprint. What I can say is that for a coach to truly succeed in a session, zero judgement and total confidentiality is a must. Trust from both directions are required to successfully move forward in any session.

To say I've learned so much along the way is an understatement. If I were to say I had finished learning would see me as a fool. I not only continue to learn, I also search for the teaching in life every day. Every session is a learning experience.

With all this in mind it has now become my mission to bring that first step and beyond to as many people as possible, with the continued passion I now have and would love to pass on.

This blog is about that passion. About your passion. About where you want to be or go. It is how you not only perceive it, also how it fits and becomes a tool for you to use in your journey.

I will share a philosophy and a journey. I will not expect you to see the same as me. I do expect something to fit with you so you can use it as the tool in a toolbox that you built to see your life with a happy, fulfilling future.

This Blog is for you if you want to move forward in your life. Pay it forward as I am when something here helps you. Pay it forward when something works for you. When something, anything in your life feels right just pay it forward.