Joshua Danker-Dake, author of The Retail and The Spare Room and Other Stories


The Retail is a comedic everyman satire of the depersonalizing big-box retail grind.

Aspiring writer Penn Reynard has just joined the ranks of America’s fifteen million retail workers: fresh out of college with an English degree, he can’t find a job anywhere except at the local big-box hardware store. Working returns, Penn experiences firsthand the often comical absurdity, chaos, and shenanigans of the retail world. At least he has a new romance with a coworker going for him—if he doesn’t screw it up. The constant pressures of dealing with hostile customers, oblivious coworkers, and overbearing management begin to take their toll on him, though, and as his desired career path threatens to fall out of reach, Penn struggles to break free of retail’s clutches.

Have you ever worked retail, hated retail, or hated your life because of retail? This book feels your pain.

The Retail has been placed on Awesome Indies' list of quality independent fiction.