J.T. Grainger is a fantasy/science fiction children's author. He grew up in Evansville, Indiana, lived in Indianapolis for over 17 years and later moved to California. Since his youth, he has written various plays and short stories and has always been fascinated by tales that involve imaginary worlds or contain extraordinary elements.    

Mr. Grainger holds a degree from Indiana University and worked at a public high school for a number of years providing support and services to students with special needs. He also loves traveling, has been fortunate enough to have visited more than 50 countries and co-runs a budget travel site with his spouse called Tightwad Trips.

He is the author of The World Beyond the Stairs: Mary’s Journey, Humans Are Strange Creatures, Holly the Elf: A Christmas Tale plus two Kindle Vella series entitled Night Sheen: The First Black American Superhero and The Joyriders: Epic Adventures Through Time.