Kara Bazma is a unique venture that creates custom made dresses in a way that fuses traditional craftsmanship with high technology.

On a customer's first order, they receive a Measurement Kit.  Someone other than her at home will use the Measurement Kit to follow the video instructions on how to take the measurements.

The measurements are entered into the website that includes custom choices like how high/low the neckline or how high/low the hem line.

Our proprietary manufacturing software receives the measurements and the order and resizes the dress pattern to the woman's measurements.  A seamstress then makes the dress and its shipped out.

We offer 100% money back guarantee to stand behind our product.  Dresses are made in our Jacksonville, FL factory, proudly made in the USA.

We are operating under a "just in time" inventory model, where we carry no inventory.  All dresses are made to order.  An assembly line type process flow is used to create the dresses in an efficient manner.

US-based wages are significantly higher than overseas manufacturing, but selling directly to the consumer, bypassing middlemen, wholesalers, and distributors, we are able to maintain a higher than average profit margin for manufacturing and able to pay good wages.