... and it’s way better! In fact, at Kastlfel we see a day in which sustainable production practices are the norm—across the board, big and small alike. We believe in a future where the way things get made today has been radically changed and improved. A future where no employee and no environment has to pay the price for irresponsible manufacturing practices. Where no consumer unwittingly supports irresponsible practices with their purchases. That’s the future we believe in and that’s the future we at Kastlfel are making a reality today.

Today, Kastlfel is a challenger brand. We make affordable, design-forward apparel that embraces responsibility, creativity, innovation and profit in equal measures. But our vision is more aligned with the kind of future more people want to see become a reality than ever before. The call for transparency, equality and responsibility—in the corporations we support to the politicians we elect—has inspired a global re-evaluation of the products we buy and the companies we support. That’s why at Kastlfel we’re driving our retail partners, our distribution and sales partners—even our competitors—to help us lead the charge and make better clothing by making clothing better. Because when there’s no place
to hide, the companies that win are the ones that have no reason to.