we want to keep you in touch with the world of stylish luxury. what it is we aspire to be, surround ourselves with, and hope you, too, will enjoy all our musings, hot picks and observations along the way. we get so tied up in what we have to do, and doing for others, when we actually take time out for ourselves, we remember that we are important too. love yourself and treat yourself to what this wonderful world has to offer. we at Kat Burki want to keep you in touch with that and bring these principles to you for your personal enjoyment. of course giving back is a part of this, and we will be discussing this a lot.

style – oh the word style makes me smile! – I love it, when I haphazardly pull together an outfit and look, that is just so, what’s the word? stylish!…living with style and within your style is what it’s all about. we will bring you the best of the best, what we are loving and how we incorporate style into everything Kat Burki.

girly – what is it to be girly, OH, it’s a celebration and complete license to do and breathe everything that is chic, feminine, and allows us to celebrate the fun we had as little girls, but all grown up and sophisticated.

relax and retreat – we all need it. do not forget to make sure every one of your senses is participating in this exercise. relaxing music, hot baths with super moisturizing, lovely scented soaps, soft oversized velour robes, pampered feet, your favorite scent burning in a nearby candle, as well as a mind thinking of writing one of your all time favorite people on lightly scented stationary from the confines of your chic, elegant, gracious, harmonious abode.

the Kat Burki essence is one of elegance, grace and style with a twist of tuberose. the Kat Burki lifestyle collection specializes in home furnishing and body and bath collections. its products are prestigious by virtue of workmanships, materials, reputation and style. the Kat Burki line is recognizable by its signature medallion and Doré pattern.

Kat Burki products are luxury items for the home and individual that reflect chic taste and evoke the senses with soft yet sophisticated scents, textures and designs. the Kat Burki furniture collection is designed out of the classic tradition, with influences from the 18th and 19th century that include English, French, Art Deco and Oriental influences. the upholstery line is made upon order with over 200 designer fabric choices for the consumer to choose from. the lifestyle collection includes beds, bedding, lighting, home accessories and a coveted bath and body line that consists of robes, towels, cashmere hoodies, cashmere travel sets, lavender sachets, Chicees, candles, soaps, body crèmes and body gels.

from the craftsmen working on the coffee tables in Paris to the large Italian fabric mills, Kat Burki has developed a network of 37 suppliers in 9 countries. additionally, Kat Burki oversees its own manufacturing of all upholstery pieces in their U.S. workroom. Kat Burki designs, develops and sees through the completion of every product in the collection.

the Kat Burki Fabric Collection, available to the trade only, consists of 16 fabric designs produced in Italy, Belgium and the U.S., sold exclusively through Old World Weavers. the line is available at seven STARK locations – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston and Dallas. additional designs are added to the collection twice a year.

Kat Burki Home is known for its dedication to philanthropic causes. Kat Burki Home has participated in and contributed to Super Saturday in the Hamptons which benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, L’Oreal Legends Gala in NYC, which also benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, The Carousel of Hope, Barbara Davis’ annual Hollywood event to help support her Center for Childhood Diabetes, Race to Erase MS, Near and Far Aid, Kids in Crisis, Peace Over Violence, and Southampton Hospital.

happy, healthy, and decidedly sophisticated describes the Kat Burki clientele. the look of the brand is timeless, classic and stylish, but approachable – the surroundings, be it site, smell and touch evoke happiness, beauty and luxury.

our promise is to deliver exceptionally crafted pieces of the world’s finest materials with great attention to design, style and detail that will inspire, delight and soothe the senses.