I document my experiences of the complexities of the human condition, i.e., thoughts, emotions, and experiences, through an intuitive painting method by using a variety of mixed media to create colorful, alternate worlds using shapes, lines, and color. I create abstract worlds of color as a means for me to explore and understand, but also as a place for me to escape from, these complex concepts.

Colorful artifacts have always been a beacon of light for me, allowing me to feel safe & stable in sometimes unstable environments. I use them to express my journey & experiences through life and my understanding of the human condition. They bring me peace & contentment and allow for me to process, understand, and even escape my own reality when needed.  It allows me to escape to that safe world and not feel  a worry in the world, giving me a small break from having to deal with the complexities of the human condition in a healthy manner. In sharing these documentations, I am hoping to help someone else escape their struggles by getting lost in my safe "worlds of color" and ultimately finding peace and healing from the experience.

I create my worlds of color through an intuitive painting method, that allows me to drop down into my subconscious and allow my soul’s voice to guide me and spill out onto the canvas. It is a very healing process that allows me to work through my thoughts, feelings, struggles, etc. through each and every mark & paint stroke made. Using various mixed media to create layers of depth, texture, and colors that become sometimes as complex as the thoughts, emotions, or struggles that are swirling around inside us.

Instagram: @kelseyproffittart