Kemet Educational Services (Kemet Education) is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational consulting firm, established in 2010, that focuses on ensuring that pre-college, community college and undergraduates students are prepared to pursue STEM careers. Our firm supports college and universities, community organizations, educators (formal and informal, government agencies, parents and schools/schools districts.  Our services includes
•     Career Pathways Planning
•     Curriculum Development
•     Educator (Formal and Informal) Professional Development
•     Home School and Parent Group Support
•     Online Courses

Kemet Educational Services is a STEM educational consulting firm founded in 2010 by Ms. Tokiwa T. Smith.  She wanted to combine her STEM background with her professional expertise to help organizations achieve their STEM educational program goals. Ms. Smith has expertise in developing STEM curriculum, coordinating STEM based events and developing and managing STEM educational programs.
The firm is named Kemet Educational Services in honor of Ancient Egypt, which is called Kemet in Egyptian and also refers to academic journals of Egypt. Many of the principles, symbols, theories and techniques that we use in modern day STEM (agriculture, architecture, science, engineering, medicine and pharmacy) come from Ancient Egypt. Therefore Kemet Educational Services seemed to be ideal for our mission. Just as Kemet is the foundation for modern day STEM,  we believe that a strong STEM educational foundation expands the career opportunities for students. The skills that students master while developing their STEM academic skills and engaging in hands on STEM activities are transferable to other subject areas and areas of life.
Just like Ancient Egypt is the foundation for STEM; Ms. Smith believes that a strong STEM academic foundation, whether a child pursues a STEM career or not, prepares them for any career of their choice. The skills that children learn while developing their STEM academic skills and engaging in hands on STEM activities teaches them skills that are transferable to other subject areas and other areas of life.