The moms and dads, the sons and daughters, the grannies and papas, the aunts and uncles, the brothers and sisters, and everyone else with someone special you would like to stay closer to.

KidsCork.com is about relationships. We are about bringing your family closer together no matter the distance that separates you or the schedule that dominates your time.

Read your kids a bedtime story every night from Afghanistan, at their convenience, without fail.
Read your daughter a silly poem from Shanghai, then ask her questions about China she can learn about on the MAP feature, without scheduling a thing.
Trade notes back and forth with your grandkid across the country.
Remain the most important teacher in your child’s life, no matter your schedule or where in the world you may be.

Do all of this and more from a secure, private, and personalized page. Nothing posted on KidsCork.com is ever sold to a third party. Your page is for you and your family.

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