At Kindred Global Mentorship we believe that one of the most effective ways to grow a business is by connecting with someone in your industry who can give you personal, tailored guidance. We also believe that one of the best ways to grow your own expertise is to guide others. We aim to achieve these outcomes through an online mentoring platform that is practical, reciprocal and empowering.

We encourage every industry to be represented, turning traditional mentorship on its head to open the doors to unrepresented industries beyond a strictly corporate or professional background, from trades, to home businesses, and more.

We also believe that a for-profit business can and should be socially responsible, contributing to causes which help others in need. The growth of owner-operated, small to medium businesses in developing countries is one of the keys to ending poverty worldwide as it strengthens local economies, reduces reliance on foreign corporations, and empowers families to become economically self-sufficient.

Kindred is excited to be creating a platform which not only helps connect mentors and mentees for career growth globally, but within this structure sets aside 15% of its pre-tax profits for charities that fund small business growth in developing countries.

Mentors are encouraged to be at all stages of business growth as we recognise the usefulness of guidance from someone still in the market, and very much in touch with trends. Mentors thus receive star ratings and feedback from mentees which can help them grow their own reputations.