Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival (KCFF)is a 3-day faith-based film festival, started in 2008.  Each October it has provides a forum for independent filmmakers to screen films that promote and inspire Christian teaching and values.  KCFF screens full features, shorts, and documentaries, and offers workshops and symposiums that offer insight and analysis of industry trends in faith-based filmmaking and production.

KCFF creates an environment of trust and receptiveness for families and individuals searching for films that speak to their inner spiritual thoughts, while providing a platform for filmmakers wishing to express their spiritual vision on film.

KCFF showcases faith-based films, filmmakers, and the making of films that promote spiritual growth and mentorship.  KCFF is an umbrella organization established to manage and promote programs and services that elevate and positions Kingdom business.  This includes the film festivals, gospel concerts, a state of the art movie theater planned in the very near future, K-Rating System, and the Kingdomwood Institute.  

Kingdomwood Institute is an educational arm that provides activities throughout the year that includes workshops, seminars, networking events, private screenings, artist business services such as distribution, and much more.

The K-­Rating System / Kingdom Rated Films (in development) provides guidelines that determines which audience a film is appropriate. Similar to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

KCFF stands at the forefront of moving this industry along and promoting new and emerging filmmakers.

We welcome the opportunity to share the experience with all kingdom attendees as we reach teach and inspire a new generation.