A meeting with the great James Beard long ago assured Kit Wohl’s future as an enthusiastic fan of chefs, cooking, restaurants, and great food. An acclaimed New Orleans-based writer, photographer, and artist, her particular interest is food and the chefs who create it. Beard’s influence on the American culinary movement inspired Kit’s commitment to profile the country’s greatest chefs and chronicle the work that brought them to international prominence.

After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, she was determined to assure everyone that the heritage of New Orleans cuisine was still vibrant. Six books later, her New Orleans Classic Gumbos and Soups was named a Gourmet magazine Cookbook of the Month. "You go messin' with my mama's gumbo, you gonna get hurt." is the opening line. The James Beard Foundation 25th Anniversary cookbook is her eighth book.

Kit Wohl is a New Orleans-based acclaimed writer, photographer and artist, born with a wooden spoon in her mouth and first learned to speak the language of kitchens. She has worked with chefs, restaurants, and hotels around the world. She grew up in the French Quarter, looking over chef’s shoulders across the city from uptown to downtown, and back of town, then traveled to expand her appetite.

"Cooking is an art and a form of creative expression," she says. "Food is distinctive in form, color, texture and flavor. The selection, preparation, and presentation of a meal are as creative as any art project. Best of all, it nurtures both the body and the spirit."

Her energy and artistic talent have produced numerous awards for design and production in various fields. A large library of food, chefs and and New Orleans images is available.