Family  Planning - Keeping it simple and natural.
KNOWHEN® to plan your family
With Lab Quality Patented Lens and FDA-approval, KNOWHEN® is a product that is revolutionizing the world of women’s health by giving women the power to understand and control their fertility cycles.

Every woman should know - When is the best time to have sex
Let us help you find out

Whether your goal is to start a family, or to prevent pregnancy, we can help. The KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Monitor is the only patented, US Clinically tested, and FDA cleared product to let you know when to conceive

A Word from Helen, CEO & Founder

My promise to you is that KNOWHEN® will change your life and unlock the secret of your unique fertility cycle. Just five minutes each morning will give you the this knowledge and power. Please accept my sincere wish and support for your feminine health and unprecedented peace of mind with respect to your questions and concerns about fertility and pregnancy.