Life Coaching World Wide is all about making a difference in lives.  Kristen L. Baker is a Certified Master life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Wellness Coach.  She is also a published author of 3 books, "It's Okay To Have Anxiety...Really! , 30Day Boot Camp To Eliminate Fears & Phobias and New Release, Invisible Pain, What You Can't See Is Real!

Kristen coaches people world wide, there are no demographic boundaries.  She works with people as a Whole.  Whole Life Coaching. She has been coaching since 2005 and has had huge success.  

Life Coaching World Wide is dedicated to you, your goals, your wants and desires and Kristen Helps them become a reality. She is compassionate, caring and her dedication to her clients shows immediately.

She works with people on everything in life, but here are just a few examples:

Anxiety disorders, Stress Reduction, Goal Setting, Relationships, self esteem, career, Wellness, chronic pain, fear and phobias, finding purpose and passion, just to name a few.

Life Coaching World Wide is dedicated to your life and improvement!