cou· ture /kü-ˈtu̇r/
1.Designers that create exclusive and often trend-setting fashions and products.

La Bella Dolce Couture Organic Body Care a divison of LBD Co. Manufacturing is headquartered out of the ever popular and trendy Houston, TX where a flawless, glowing complexion compliments that absolutely must have outfit. We offer an ultra posh body care collection that enhances one's je ne sais quoi  providing an undeniably fabulous and irresistible feeling from the outside in.

Who says natural and organic isn't down right sexy?
The primary motivation behind the creation of La Bella Dolce was to develop products with naturally beneficial properties that condition the skin and invigorate one's inner super star. We truly believe that a product being natural and organic should never compromise the feeling of sexiness that decadent body care product should always evoke. With the right product, beyond smelling good, you should feel good, not for a moment but all day. Made right from her home in 2005, La Bella Dolce's Founder and Creative Director began the entire brand with one small jar of unscented body butter to soothe her extremely sensitive and dry skin due to the side effects of eczema. The story of our humble begginings: No labels. No fancy scents. No bells and whistles. Just pure unrefined goodness in a simple jar. Along with a passion to smell fabulous and feel sexy without skin irritations brought on from reactions to products chocked full of artificial ingredients, she quickly learned there were many others seeking the same solution that were green at heart.

We get your BODY dressed for the dress!
To keep our original  couture product quality that makes our  brand outshine all the rest, today each product is still hand blended and individually packaged with natural and organic butters, essential oils and exotic imported ingredients such as our highly raved about sugar scrubs made with organic sugar and white sand from the Bora Bora Islands. Fruit & plant based ingredients are used from start to finish to ensure that our products never contain sulfates, parabens or other harsh additives. Our hypoallergenic brand has been tested by a licensed physician and as of March 2009 was officially physician recommended for those with extremely sensitive skin.

The LBD Promise
Our promise is to provide the best selection of all natural and organic infused body care from our hearts to your hands.