LaterTalk.com offers subscribers the opportunity (as both an account owner and visiting survivor) to engage in real time conversations by way of email, text, audio, and video messaging with loved ones, friends or other acquaintances who have passed.

For those of us who have lost a loved one (for instance a parent, sibling or friend), Latertalk would have allowed the decedent to create an interactive legacy (or "gift") for each of the decedent's designated children, siblings, relatives or friends. The digital legacy would contain an assortment of messages including text/email, photo, video and audio messages ranging from "Happy Birthday" to "I know you miss me, I'm doing fine. I love you."  We believe these types of messages will provide some degree of comfort and enjoyment for the survivors of those who have passed.

LaterTalk.com bridges the gap and affords survivors the opportunity to receive spontaneous or invited communications from a loved one in the days, weeks, months or years following the death of a parent, sibling, child or other acquaintance. It is our hope to offer some comfort to those who grieve by providing survivors the unique words, messages and thoughts of those who have passed thus making the grieving process, in some way, easier for those survivors who opt to utilize this legacy media service.

Latertalk.com allows its subscribers to create an interactive legacy which is controlled by the subscriber during life and activated for use by specific survivors upon the account owner's passing.  

As the first and only form of  "legacy media" on the market today, Latertalk.com offers  you the ability to schedule and select messaging for your children, spouse, siblings, grandchildren, friends and acquaintances weeks, months or years in advance.  As a subscriber you are afforded the opportunity to privately and securely store various forms of messages (audio/voicemail,  email, text, photos, and videos).  

All messages delivered to survivors upon the passing of a Latertalk.com account owner are the private, unique and real words of the subscriber to the designated survivor/contact. The fact that each message delivered is in the words of the loved one who has passed, gives the recipient survivor a reliable and comforting connection to the loved one who has passed.  

    Unique to LaterTalk.com is its software platform that categorizes a subscriber's (account owner's) messages into sub-files for specific survivors (children, grandchildren, siblings,  parents, friends, etc.).  The account subscriber decides which messages are public and viewable by other permitted visitors, which messages are viewable to the designated survivor while the owner is alive, and finally, which messages are to be kept private and only activated upon the passing of the account owner. The private messages (triggered upon the passing of the subscriber/owner) will be delivered to the designated survivor in one of three ways:

    First, on a scheduled date for certain Holidays, events, birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates, with the ability to deliver a different message each year thereafter;

    Second, a private message may be stored by the owner in a survivor's miscellaneous folder with delivery of the message via text/email or audio on various dates throughout the year (spontaneous messaging selected by the software within parameters set by the owner, which provides a more unique and real life communication without pre-scheduling; and

    Third, an owner can draft unique and personal responses to questions submitted by a survivor during life whereupon those questions and the owner's responses are stored until the triggering event (passing of the owner) allowing the survivor to access unique and customized content personally drafted by the owner and intended for the survivor in the form of a real life question and answer.

Our Logo: A butterfly is a traditional symbol of long life, rebirth, or a new beginning.  The callout boxes within the butterfly recognize the communications which can now take place between a deceased loved one and their survivors via Latertalk.com.

Latertalk.com and Legacy Media, LLC can be contacted at info@latertalk.com, or via Facebook by searching "Latertalk.com" and via Twitter @latertalkcom.