LedsMaster is a high power LED flood light manufacturer, who provide LED flood lights. They can be applied to parking lot, stadium, sports field lighting and airport fields. With the use of LED light, you can enjoy 75% energy saving and 80,000 hours life span. With 12 years of experience, you can enjoy quality LED optics and lighting solutions. We are now focusing on metal halide LED replacement because LED has many advantages over MH. It is because MH is relatively energy consuming and having very short life span.

Once you would experience that the luminaries go off within half years, and the brightness declines very quickly. As a high power led flood light manufacturer, we strive to promote the use of LED because it assists environmental protection. For instance, the LED flood light does not have any toxic chemicals such as mercury and halogen. Also, our LED flood light is quite durable because we use aluminum alloy to fabricate the outer shell. It is anti-corrosive and strong, but light. Having durable luminaries is very importance. It is because we will install the light outdoor and thus the lights are susceptible to adverse weather conditions. The flood light will be easily broken if there are insufficient protection on lights and the cables.

If you are interested in our LED lighting solutions, please do not hesitate to contact via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, thank you for your message.