Dolly Garlo, RN, JD, PCC and Eliza Crouch, R-PT, CPCC – “Dolly & Eliza” – collaborate on developing CreatingLegacyNetwork.com.
Providing individual and group coaching and consulting services, their focus is helping mid-career professional and business women ready for what’s next in life and work, and who want to make a significant difference in the world. Their “7 Steps to Creating Your Legacy” signature program is the comprehensive way to design that vision and a practical blueprint to make it happen.
They know it’s difficult to develop the “generosity factor” needed to pursue such a vision without first mastering money, so they created the “Overcoming Underearning & Achieving Financial Mastery” program to help women get on the road to financial independence … and positive change.
(Enlightened gents welcome, too).
For 50+ combined years, Dolly & Eliza have supported clients in many different arenas - healthcare, law and business. They currently work with clients on business and strategic marketing design, and personal legacy development including professional career transition and business succession and exit-planning, corporate responsibility project and social enterprise development, and leadership for enlightened business owners and social entrepreneurs.
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