Since 1996 Life On Purpose Institute, Inc. has been dedicated to helping people clarify their life purpose & live true to it with our individual coaching, online courses, and group programs. Our vision is to be a catalyst for creating a world on purpose.

The foundation of our programs is the Life On Purpose Process - a proven, systematic, spiritually-based and practical approach that has assisted thousands of people to clarify their life purpose and to then design their life as a true and authentic reflection of their purpose. To expand upon this just a bit:

• Proven — Since its conception in the early 90’s, thousands of people have used the Life On Purpose Process to bring clarity of purpose to their life so we know it works and works well,

• Systematic — The 6 Passages that make up the Process will guide you step by step — truly a roadmap to your life on purpose

• Spiritually Based — The Life On Purpose Process works with and is consistent with universal spiritual principles that are found in all authentic spiritual paths, like the law of attraction, the attractive force of universal Love, the power of gratitude and living a grace-filled life, etc.

People of many different religions and denominations have experienced the process and received immense value including those whose definition of spiritual didn’t include a belief in a Higher Power necessarily. In the Life On Purpose Process spiritual is defined as a connection to a deeply held set of values and to a purpose beyond one’s self-interest.

• Practical — Not just theory or esoteric principles, but ideas, distinctions, and tools that you can apply immediately to enhance your experience of daily life.

Who We Serve

• We help people who find themseves overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of an overly full life — doing more and more and enjoying it less and less. Their day is filled with things that others expect them to do — running errands for the family, taking the kids to an endless array of activities, keeping the house and yard in some semblance of order, keeping the bills paid down while the credit card balance keeps climbing. The load of obligations fell heavier and heavier.

• Or their life is on automatic — they're just going through the motions as they’re buffeted by the currents of circumstances — first one problem than another. Maybe they've become known as a “creative problem solver” but they find life increasingly less satisfying and fulfilling no matter how many problems they solve.

• Or  they're in a job or career that’s stifling their soul and spirit. They know the only reason they go to work is for the paycheck, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to look themselves in the mirror because  they know they've sold their soul out to their employer.

• Or  they find themselves doing one or more of the following to avoid confronting what’s really going on in their life: Perhaps they’re a “shopaholic”. Whenever something isn’t going right (which is often), they find themselves at the mall buying something they don’t really need or even want. If it’s not shopping, it may be abusing alcohol, watching excessive amounts of TV, surfing for hours on the internet without any clear purpose in mind, or over-indulging in video games.