Missionary Training/Volunteer Mobilization
* Six week In-classroom setting
* Facilitate Training Sessions for small groups
* Evangelism Training

Public Speaking to Church Ministries and Conferences
* Attend local church events to speak about mission work
* Partake in speaking at religious education forums

Development of Mission Teams in Churches
* Partner with churches that want to build a ministerial relationship to do mission work around the world

Participates in other sponsored Missionary Workshops
* Support other missionary services and become a guest panelist or adviser to their causes
* Host Friendly Eat & Education Dinners (F.E.E.D.) events to share knowledge and provoke interest

* Build a comprehensive fundraising plan to sustain the annual operations of LifeWalk Mission International
* Host an annual signature event that will feature the work of LifeWalk Mission International

Collaboration/Partnerships with Global Humanitarian Organizations
* Partake with mission-minded organizations that will spread love while addressing social causes to fight injustices
* LifeWalk Mission International will develop relationships with churches abroad

Access to Personal Blogs and communication from traveling Mission Teams
* Arrange on-going online communications from missioners currently in the field
* Conduct conference calls [Skype] with supporters to gauge the ground-level work in the field

Long-term Mission Project Initiatives
* Fund, schedule and implement projects that involves long-term commitment
* Work with Host Country to ensure long-term project stays on target for completion