Link-Systems International is the leader in providing integrated technology and service solutions to educators in order to improve the quality of education and training, ensure student success and retention, and provide affordable education to students, workers, and their families.

Research-Based Approach

LSI employs Integrated Cognitive-Contextualized Learning (ICCL) in order to deliver research-proven online learning products and services that are based on the latest developments in learning theory. Educators work hard to engage students and to help them reach their learning goals; we offer theory and practice to supply educational technology in support of that work.  LSI has recognized the unity of two important arms of constructivist learning theory—the measurement of self-achieved cognitive advances against agreed-upon standards and the contextualization of learning to create learning initiatives for the active learner.  

Over the years, LSI has accumulated a wealth of experience with educators seeking to engage their students through authentic and involving learning experiences. At the same time, institutions and innovators sought new ways to measure and reinforce concrete cognitive advances. According to ICCL, these are simply two sides of the same experience:  implementation of online learning tools enables both the delivery of contextualized content and the verification of learning achievement.

The application of ICCL has practical results for LSI, whose products and services are all based on the theory. LSI uses ICCL to customize its products and services to meet the specific needs of its learning institutions and their partners. At the same time, all of its products and services make educational achievement measurable to ensure learning success while peer-reviewed research supports their effectiveness.  The partnerships between educators and LSI are helping to define the new face of quality learning in the digital age.

For more information on ICCL, see The Link-Systems Methodology: The Practice of Integrated Cognitive-Contextualized Learning at http://www.link-systems.com/content/research.

Our Company

LSI is a privately-held company that has been dedicated to student success and student retention in K-12 education, higher education, and workforce development education since 1995. We specialize in technology development, online tutoring services, and content services.

LSI’s core technologies include the WorldWideTestbank® algorithmic content creation, organization, delivery, and grading system; the MyAcademicWorkshop™ adaptive placement, homework, and assessment system; the WorldWideWhiteboard® collaboration suite for online teaching/learning; and the Information Visibility Services™ enterprise intelligence solution. Our core services include content development, education technology consulting, and online tutoring for math, English, and other disciplines through our NetTutor® brand.  

Our customers include K-12 publishers, higher education publishers, virtual high schools, higher education institutions, technology companies, and joint programs dedicated to providing online educational content to members of organized labor and their families.
We are located in Tampa, Florida, a few miles from the University of South Florida, which has excellent engineering, computer science and mathematics programs, providing LSI many of its employees.

Launched in 1995, LSI has created several unique and powerful technologies, which facilitate the sharing of content over the Internet. We specialize in mathematics, technical and scientific content, the most critical types of online content with respect to student success, and the most difficult to share online.

Student Success and Student Retention

Today, LSI is recognized by a variety of publishers and educational institutions not only for its high-quality work and dedication to meeting commitments, but also for its unique ability to develop digital strategies that are tailored to the needs of its customers.
Our partners and customers have come to value and trust LSI because we are the only company that offers a complete suite of interoperable solutions that address the entire life cycle of the student, with an overt focus on the bottom line:  student success and student retention.  That student life cycle includes:

*     Online Assessment and Placement
*     Content Authoring
*     Content Recovery, Content Management and Metadata Management
*     Online Teaching, Collaboration, and Tutoring
*     Online Homework and Testing
*     Online Grade book Technologies
*     Online Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Intervention

Through a relationship with LSI, educators acquire the ability to construct a holistic approach to student success and student retention.