Link-Systems International, Incorporated (LSI) is a privately held, technology services and content development company that has been dedicated to student success and student retention in K-12 Education, Higher Education, and Workforce Development Education since 1995.


We have a successful track record of engagements that include testbank-to-online-homework content conversion, learning object creation, system integration, licensing of our WorldWideWhiteboard™ platform for online teaching/learning and licensing of our NetTutor™ online tutoring service for Math, Statistics, Accounting and other disciplines.


Our WorldWideTestbank™ engine – which includes the WorldWideTestbank™ Authoring Interface, the WorldWideTestbank™ Workflow Editor, and the WorldWideTestbank™ Viewer – has been used by LSI to author and deliver web-based and CD-based static and algorithmic homework for major educational publishing companies since 1999.


Flexible Revenue Models


LSI has deployed many different business models that can easily be expanded to cover customer needs. LSI is happy to collaborate on a work-for-hire basis for content creation, and on either an annual license or royalty basis for technology licensing and services.


About LSI


We are a privately held, self-funding technology, services and content development company dedicated to student success and retention in K-12, Higher Education, and Workforce Development. Our core technologies include a very flexible online tutoring/teaching platform, an online gradebook, and Student Performance Matrix (SPMx) technology designed to provide real-time alerts regarding student performance, attendance, and other metrics. Our core services include content development, consulting, and Online Tutoring. Our customers include K-12 publishers, Higher Education Publishers, virtual high schools, higher education institutions, technology companies, and Joint Programs dedicated to providing online educational content to members of Organized Labor.