Linkency is a new concept in real estate, offering a better way to buy or sell a home by directly negotiating terms and commissions with real estate professionals in your area. The concept is based on free market principles, working in the advantage of all parties involved.

For Home Sellers and Home Buyers, Linkency offers an easy signup enrollment to the site that allows home buyers and home sellers to list their home, connect and review top agents in the local area and negotiate terms and commissions. Once agents and offers have been compared, home buyers and home sellers can then choose the best suited, sign a contract and move forward with the process. There are no fees or costs involved.

For Real Estate Agents, Linkency offers an enrollment that allows agents to create a profile and offer their services to members of the site looking to buy or sell in the area. Once logged in the Linkency platform, agents have the access to thousands of new clients, offering and negotiating their services. Once you have found a common ground with a client, the agreement and contract is signed on the platform. An added advantage is that there are no upfront costs, no monthly fees or any other type of payments.