Loconeal Publishing is a small-press publisher. It is the mission of Loconeal Publishing to bring new, emerging, and experienced authors to readers locally and internationally. We are a multi-genre publisher of fiction, non-fiction, business, education and books for children.

For additional information regarding Loconeal Publishing, please browse our website or use the form below for questions you may have. If you have questions regarding either of our imprints, Loconeal Publishing or Loconeal Select, please ask.

In addition, Loconeal Publishing provides Author and Trade Publication Services to business and non-profit organizations through 'JOB at a Time' consulting. Loconeal Publishing can help your organization publish manuals, pamphlets, catalogues, or even books for the purpose of employee or consumer education and fundraising. If desired, these publications can even be made available to a much wider market through our nationwide distribution system.

For additional information regarding Loconeal Publishing, please check out our website at www.loconeal.com or send an email to info@loconeal.com.