At The Lonergan Law Firm in Dallas, we know Texas residential and commercial real estate. We help people make solid investments and protect their interests in property. We maintain a community with our legal and advisory skills as a centerpiece, enabling people with interests in Texas real estate to share ideas, complete trouble-free residential and commercial transactions, deal effectively with real estate litigation, and much more.

Our clients include investors, buyers, sellers, banks and other lenders in need of a wide range of services to complete transactions, guard their interests and pursue what is rightly theirs. Many of our clients have worked with Ms. Lonergan and our staff for years. Others come to us through referrals from others we have helped or because of what they learn participating in the Texas Real Estate Investors' Circle, one of the fastest growing investment associations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Efficient, Knowledgeable Service that Contributes to Investor Success
Our services cover the spectrum from full title services and representation at closings to real and personal property foreclosures and estate-related litigation; collections, probate and bankruptcy counsel. In all we do, we emphasize personal service and responsiveness to you whenever you need information, answers or guidance.

With so much on the line, you can turn to our firm with confidence that your interests will be protected at every turn. We communicate fluently in Spanish and our focus is on building mutually beneficial relationships that last.