*How did  Lotus Motivations come about?

From discussions with several conversations with a couple of colleagues including my life coach and a couple of good friends.

**Where did you come up with the name?

Many folks know me from Lotus Writing & Communications. For branding, I wanted to keep “Lotus” in the new name.

The lotus blossom is the symbol of the simultaneity of cause and effect in Nirchiren Buddhism. A little know fact about the lotus flower is that it is only plant in existence that seeds and blossoms in a murky swamp at the same time. So by me using a a variety of motivational and empowerment techniques, I help others to blossom and flourish in the their lives in any given situation.

***How did you become known as "Liz Who Motivates?"

By discussions and interactions with friends, clients  and colleagues in person, social media and other communications. They would always comment on how much the felt inspired and motivated after our engaging conversations or reading my various post.
Thus, "Liz Who Motivates" evolved.

****Has it been hard to switch from writing, marketing, PR and social media to personal development life coaching?

No, not really. I am still in transition. Still doing some of my previous LWC  work. Still learning  and working on my certification.

I have done a variety of coaching in the past with my writing/media and social service/not-for-profit work for a diverse group of business sectors and individuals. It’s just changing the focus and using the proper treatment methodology for the proper modality.We teach folks how to take control of their lives  via  various self-empowerment techniques and no longer fall victim to their addiction whatever that may be.

Refer to my Liz Who Motivates site http://lizwhomotivates.wordpress.com and LinkedIn profile http://linkd.in/13xEiYG  or contact directly for more info.