Belfire Press was born of many conversations between myself (Jodi Lee) and my founding partners, Louise Bohmer and Jordan Martindale, much like the beginning of The New Bedlam Project. We bounced the ideas and plans off a couple of authors we’d worked with in the past and presently. The answers to ‘Can we do it? Should we do it?’ were a resounding Yes.

On October 31st, 2009 we announced the formation of Belfire Press, a micro-press owned and operated by a bunch of crazy Canadians. Our first title released April 1st, 2010, followed by our grand opening and launch novel on May 1st. It is our hope to have a title to release every six weeks from then on, publishing nine titles (or more!) per year.

We seek to publish novels, works of non-fiction and the occasional anthology or collection in both print and e-book. Depending on the project and scope, we may offer a title in hardcover, paperback and several e-book formats, or paperback alone. If a title is to be released in multiple formats, it will be done so simultaneously, with the exception of hardcover.

And yes, we will be using Print on Demand as well as small runs.

Our titles will be available on our website, through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets as we add them to the distribution list.

Authors with accepted titles can expect two rounds of edits – a thorough, cooperative substantive edit followed by a copyedit and author proof. Our editors will work with the author to make the editing process a relatively pleasant experience. An exclusive cover will be designed by either a member of our staff, or we will sub-contract to a noted cover artist with whom we’ve worked before.

We will provide a small package of promotional items which may include posters, bookmarks, postcards, cover plates and informative cards. We will also put together a press package and provide a limited number of bound and unlimited electronic ARCs for confirmed reviewers and awards competitions.

Belfire Press has specific genres we seek to publish, and are certainly interested in those referred to as ‘cross-genre.’ For novels of other genres not listed in our guidelines, we’ve listed a handful of other small press companies that do look for them.